Cupcake Day Table Signage

If you’re hosting your own bake sale this upcoming Cupcake Day – we have table signage for you!

Click and then print our handy dandy event sign, as well as individual cupcake labels, should you have more than one baker taking part.

Be sure to snap some photos of your set-up our way! You may get featured in our post Cupcake Day wrap up!


Cupcake Bling!

Wanna put a little flair on your cupcakes, but not too confident in your skills with a piping bag?

Print and cut out our blank cupcake day wrappers (cd_blog-2_blank-wrapper) to put a personal touch on your confections. Color them, cut shapes into the borders, add stickers, and more.

Your imagination is the limit!


Printable Cupcake Day Poster

cupcake day seller poster

Are you gearing up to sell home-made treats on our behalf on February 16th?! If so – be sure to print up the official Cupcake Day 2015 poster by clicking on the above image to help get the word out about your mini event!

Note your name, the location of your sale, and the date and time you’ll be selling your goodies across the front. Then print up a batch and distribute them through your area. That way people will know where to go to snatch up one of your sugary concoctions to help support the Society!

Printables: Fall-Inspired Cupcake Collars

cupcake collars

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to spruce up your cupcakes for Cupcake Day – check out these adorable fall-themed cupcake “collars!”

All you need to do is visit the designer’s website, download the template, print and cut! What a great way to spice up your treats for this Monday’s DIY bake sale extravaganza!

Printables: Cupcake Day Fliers

cupcakeday_2013_flier 3

Are you planning on hosting a Cupcake Day sale at your school or workplace? Then help tell people about it in advance using these fun Cupcake Day Posters!

Right click on the poster of your choosing, choose “save picture as” and then open the file and print it up. It’s that easy! You can also use the images below to post an announcement about your sale to your Facebook, Pinterest or blog. The possibilities are truly endless!

cupcakeday_2013_fliers cupcakeday_2013_flier 2

Printables: Cupcake Day Card

printable cupcake day cardLooking for a fun way to get your friends, family or co-workers in on all the Cupcake Day action? Are you a business looking for a fun way to promote this tasty fundraiser? Then consider printing out a set of these adorable Cupcake Day cards!

Print and cut-out a bunch of these cute silhouettes. Then,  encourage your supporters to donate toward the cause, and when they do, hang up a Cupcake Day card in their honor! Nice and simple!