The Animals: Toulouse

Toulouse in CCC II

We want to put a face to the animals who you’ll be helping by participating in Cupcake Day! So each week between now and September 16th we’ll be featuring a dog and cat who is getting a second chance at life thanks to the work of The Anti-Cruelty Society.

Our first featured pet is a beautiful black and white kitty named Toulouse. Having arrived at The Anti-Cruelty Society in early March, he was brought in when a family member developed a cat allergy and could no longer keep him in their home.

Toulouse on a shelf

Despite the stress of entering the shelter environment, Toulouse instantly captured the hearts of both volunteers and staff alike. This long-haired hunk was loving and affectionate, despite his new circumstances, and that made us love him even more! Continue reading

Printables: Cupcake Day Card

printable cupcake day cardLooking for a fun way to get your friends, family or co-workers in on all the Cupcake Day action? Are you a business looking for a fun way to promote this tasty fundraiser? Then consider printing out a set of these adorable Cupcake Day cards!

Print and cut-out a bunch of these cute silhouettes. Then,  encourage your supporters to donate toward the cause, and when they do, hang up a Cupcake Day card in their honor! Nice and simple!