Inspiration: Pup-Cakes!

If you’re looking to put a canine twist on your sugary human treats in honor of Cupcake Day, check out this adorable idea!



Ideas: Little Sprout Cupcakes

sprout cupcakes

We just absolutely had to share this adorable cupcake decor idea! Simply place pre-baked chocolate cupcakes in mini terra cotta and adorn with green sprouts of fondant. A quick, easy, and less-fatty way to spice up your baked goodies for Cupcake Day!

Meet Achilles – ADOPTED!


“Achilles is very much his age: energetic, playful and a bit mischievous. He tends to grab the leash and tug with it which new adopters should discourage, but he trades up for a treat very well. He plays fetch with squeaky toys, which will be a great way to exercise him, and he already has a nice vocabulary. Trick training may be a fun activity for him.”

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