Get Your Ovens Preheated!

Hello cupcake lovers! We are just over a month away from our third annual Cupcake Day taking place on Monday, February 16!

A popular way to participate is by rallying together your coworkers to get in on the baking fun! Lots of offices would have a great time with this sweet idea!

On Cupcake Day, sweet-tooths from around the city (or anywhere, really!) come together to bake and sell sweet treats from the location of their choosing. The choice of what kinds of goodie to bake, and where to sell them, is in the hands of the bakers who support The Anti-Cruelty Society. It’s really a simple concept in which people bake cupcakes and hold bake sales on our behalf. Bake, sell, and mail in the proceeds to help Chicago’s animals most in need!

The companies that have participated in the past have mentioned this as a fun, team-building, morale boosting activity for the office! If you have bakers on staff, they would especially like this idea! If you have a volunteer committee, or anything like that at your office, this may be of interest to them to organize! 🙂

Hope you and your coworkers can enjoy this fun day celebrating the love for treats and animals on February 16!

Visit for more info on group participation!



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