The Animals: Gracie – ADOPTED 8/9

Meet Gracie – a beautiful blond with a sad story. She was originally found on the side of an Oklahoma highway, pregnant, scared and abandoned. She was rescued by good Samaritans who housed and fed her until she had her puppies. Ten puppies and three weeks later the whole family was transported from Oklahoma to the Anti-Cruelty Society where they were cared for and fattened up.
gracie 3Since arriving in late April, all the pups have found homes, but super mama Gracie remains waiting for her adopters.Gracie is a timid girl. We don’t know if it’s because of past abuse or poor socialization, but she is very afraid of strangers – men in particular. She can and has warmed up to a few fellows at the shelter. Gracie is also afraid of new environments but she does adjust over time and is comfortable in her current setting, the Real Life Room of the behavior and training department.
Gracie is quiet, affectionate, polite, silly, playful and loving. There is not a mean bone in her body.gracie 2Gracie would do best in a quiet home. She’s not keen on going for walks, so a yard to play in would be best. She is also loves other dogs and cats. She’s met several dogs and has enjoyed rough-housing with them all. As part of her “therapy”, Gracie must have a patient dog companion at home to help her learn to be a dog.

She is patiently waiting to leave the people she loves at the shelter to go to her real home. If you’d be interested in meeting this lovely lady, please contact our Animal Behavior & Training team at:
Help us get the word out about this lovely gal – and don’t forget to support this kind of life-saving work by participating in this year’s Cupcake Day!

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